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                                                  All prices include installation.


Price What you get

Most Cars and Trucks *(see exceptions below)


(plus sales tax)

Ravelco Anti Theft Device
2 matched plugs
2 quick-disconnect key chains
2 window stickers
Installation at your home or work!
(most areas)

Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle

Discounted price for
Multiple vehicles
College Students,
Military personnel, & LE for most cars and trucks as above!


10% off the price of a fully installed Ravelco!

Mid or rear engine cars such as most Ferraris and Porsches

Same as above
The increased charge is due to the additional effort required to install a Ravelco in a mid or rear engine car
Big rigs, RVs, cargo trucks and heavy equipment
same as above
Fleet vehicles
Please call
If you have a business with more than 5 cars that need the Ravelco installed, please call for fleet pricing. Or fill out our Contact Form. 






We accept:

Additional spare plugs can be ordered for $50.00 each.


  • Not one vehicle has ever been reported stolen by defeating a properly installed and utilized RAVELCO since its debut in 1976.
  • More than 5 Million installations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America.
  • There are more than 100,000 different electronic combinations . . . and  NO master plugs.
  • Prevents jumping the ignition (breaking the steering column and hot wiring).
  • Fits both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Only your ignition key and the RAVELCO Plug will allow your vehicle to start.
  • Some insurance companies may give discounts on your comprehensive rates. Call your insurance agent.
  • Absolutely no equipment failures . . . No tow-ins, no breakdowns.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the original owner.
  • Comes with two window stickers: "WARNING -- Protected with the Ravelco Anti Theft Device"
  • Includes two push-apart key rings.