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"I'm a young woman who knows nothing about cars. I paid cash for a hybrid a couple of years back before the gas prices went wild and want to keep it safe because it's irreplaceable to me. The hybrid battery alone is worth over $5K. I researched on the net several ways to protect it and am thankful to have been able to understand how the Ravelco functions. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how Bret in Raleigh, NC promptly called me back and traveled over two hours to meet me in Charlotte. He did a professional job, test drove the car with me to assure it functioned properly. So far, I am pleased with my choice.  I think it's a great how it doesn't entail fancy electronics, but instead concentrates on the "supply & demand" premise of how your car works.  As I come across others with nice cars or hybrids, I'll encourage them to call Bret at Carolina Ravelco. Again, thank you for a job well done. With the gas price frenzy, you may want to concentrate your sales efforts on hybrid blogs or web pages. It's an affordable way to protect my investment." - Sheila, RN in SC

"Well, I was hoping that I would never have to send you this email, but I guess fate wouldn't have it that way. Last night after I got home from work, someone broke into my car, and after finding out that they couldn't get into my trunk where all my things were, they tried to steal it.  All of the locks on the car were either popped or damaged, including the ignition. They then opened the hood to try and start the car, but were unable to do so.  There are deep scratch marks around the plug, but no damage to the plug itself.  What can I say, it works. I already knew that though. I  would just like to thank you for the great job you did with the installation, and being very thorough on my wants and needs. I can't express how much better I feel knowing that my prized possession is still mine, even if its damaged a little." - Bryan Jones, 2005 Honda Civic EX - Burke, VA.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Ravelco. It hasn't even been a month since you installed it, and last night someone tried stealing my Honda Civic in the garage I park at. They smashed my driver's side window in, and disabled the horn of my car alarm. It was obvious that stealing my car was their sole intention, because NOTHING was taken from my car. The car needs to be towed and have its ignition fixed, but that's better than it needing to be found. Seeing the Ravelco in its "passive action" definitely has put me at ease about spending a little extra money on having it installed. I know I would never forgive myself had I not had it installed and this happened. Thank you." - Kolapo DaSilva, Silver Spring, Maryland

On Friday, Dec 19, 2003 I left my apartment on my way to work. It was only after I stepped out of the apartment that I noticed that my 2003 Dodge Van was missing. I immediately called the police and waited for them to show up. While I was waiting I called my insurance company and the LoJack company. When the officer showed up and heard the details his first comment was, "Oh yeah, Dodge Caravans are easy to steal." After getting the information from his report, I had to call both the insurance and the LoJack company back. Since it was stolen, my insurance did not cover a rental car for the first 48 hours. On Monday I called my insurance Company and found out that it had been recovered on Saturday. After the deductible and other associated costs I was out about $1,000. I did not get my car back until about the second week in January 04. The thieves had stolen relays from the engine compartment so that other thieves could not steal the van from them. I immediately researched alarms and security devices so that this would not happen again. I settled on RAVELCO because it seemed to be the most positive way that I could prevent it from happening again. I had it installed on January 24th, 2004 in the beginning of a snow storm. I think that this speaks well of the professionalism and dedication of the RAVELCO staff. On Feb 7th, at 1:55 AM, I woke for some reason and happened to look out the window at my van. The thought of it being stolen still fresh in my mind. There was a car idling in the street immediately beside my van. I could not imagine a reason why there would be a car there. I put on some clothes and a jacket and went out to see what was going on. The curb is about 20 - 30 feet from the front of my apartment. Halfway there, I heard a sound like the sliding door of the van opening up. It dawned on me that these were thieves trying yet again to steal my van. I shouted at them and two individuals jumped out of my van and into the idling car, which immediately took off. Upon examination, I found that the drivers door had been forced and the ignition had begun to be forced. Some plastic had been cut away and some metal parts forced. They had not had time to remove the ignition lock. Partly due to my sudden appearance and partly due to their inability to get any response out of my vehicle, I still have a vehicle that I can drive. I may have to pay another $500 deductible to repair the damage, but they do not have my van." - Frank Mattero, Landover Hills, MD

"I have owned one of your devices on a previous vehicle, and as an insurance adjuster I feel your product is the only device which will securely protect my vehicle from theft. My experience is that any other product on the market has a weakness which will not protect my vehicle 100%." - Dale Hansen, Findlay, Ohio

". . . arguably the best anti theft device known to man . . . " - Paul Harisim, THE HOUSTON POST

" Our new motor home (Winnebago 34) will be secure against theft, thanks to your RAVELCO anti theft device, it cannot be tampered with, thank you for a superior product, at a reasonable price." - John M., Long Branch, California

"I have literally sold thousands and thousands of Ravelcos in the last 20 years. They have never made a liar out of me. My customers will ask me which I recommend - the alarm or the RAVELCO? My answer has always truthfully been the RAVELCO. It is also an anti theft device that everyone can afford! I personally know how great the product is, but when our law enforcement customers request the Ravelco . . . I know that we made the right decision when we started selling them. I have seen a lot of different anti theft devices over the years, everything else has come and gone - but the RAVELCO is still here. That to me is a statement of dependability. I cease to offer any option that I lose confidence in. That has never been the case with the RAVELCO Anti Theft Device. It just keeps proving itself. We have customers who won't use anything else. Thank you for giving us a product we can confidently offer as a dependable anti theft device to our customers." - Sylvia Eden, Aftermarket Department Manager, Lawrence Marshall Chevrolet, Hempstead, Texas (This is the Nation's Largest Chevrolet Dealership)

"I appreciate the efforts you and your company have made to control the auto theft problem in our city. The letters from your customers indicate that they are completely satisfied." - Sam Nuchia, Chief of Police, City of Houston, Texas

"I did lots of research to find a practical, affordable, and most of all, effective theft deterrent - and I ended up looking at Ravelco... I was present during the installation and can unequivocally state that this system is for real. On top of the Ravelco's design and the standard in-depth installation that uses yards of identical black wiring, I witnessed [my installer] doing several other Ravelco tricks in the engine bay, all of which were designed to thoroughly confuse a would-be thief. The Ravelco is a real paradox: a simple design that makes theft very tough for the bad guys. Interesting aspects of the Ravelco system include the fact that these wires work in pairs, and if a thief starts clipping them, your car won't run. Trying to imitate the coded plug by probing the base unit won't work either - with over 100,000 combinations, through 16 holes, this would take some time if you didn't start blowing fuses (Which you would!)... Car thieves are smart enough to swap out high-end vehicles' computers to work with a key that they already have, or write down the VIN number, go to a dealership, and get a new key for your car right there, but they won't be able to figure this out!" - Rick Jensen, Editor, GM High-Tech Performance Magazine

"I am not trying to boast but I have a car that is worth over $227,000 US Dollars. It is a 2006 Red Ferrari 430. I keep it in our garage but I am so scared on having it stolen. After searching the web, I decided to go with your Ravelco Theft product for my car. I had one installed in Montreal, Canada. I paid extra to have the Ravelco installed completely underneath my dashboard. In December 2006, we went back to New York for the holidays and returned to Montreal in January of this year (2007). We were shocked to find out that while we were gone someone had broke into our home and stole every firearm that I had collected since I was 13 years old! They even stole my tools and a floor jack that I had in my garage. The Ferrari's ignition assembly was destroyed and the battery was dead. The thieves actually tried to run wires from the battery to the ignition to try to HOT WIRE and steal the Ferrari! BUT NO WAY !! Thank God for the Ravelco that my car was still there." - Pierre T, Montreal, Canada  

"I've just retired with 30 years of experience as a police officer, and I'm very familiar with the easy pickings of cars, even those equipped with traditional alarm systems. Professional car thieves keep up with the latest technology of these types of systems. Thus, they can often be defeated by a highly motivated well-trained criminal. Thieves target the car they want, and then work quickly to start them and usually bring them to a predetermined location where they can successfully strip them of the car parts that they are looking for. Car tracking systems may help locate the vehicle after it is stolen, but often the vehicle is already significantly damaged before it is found. People should understand that tracking systems are for vehicle recovery, not theft prevention. Traditional alarm and tracking systems don't always provide the type of deterrent and prevention that most automobile owners are looking for. Today, with the number of factory installed systems and after-market alarm devices, many people aren't even fazed when they hear a car alarm go off. The thieves know this. Given my experience as a cop, I'm familiar with your product, having seen many attempted motor vehicle thefts foiled when they couldn't get the car started. After exploring many types of systems, I chose the Ravelco system for my personal vehicle. In my opinion, it is the best device on the market to achieve my main objective, which is not to be able to start the car in the first place. With your system, I can park my car and rest assured that it will be there when I return. If by some chance they do try to steal it, I'm confident that they'll quickly give up and take their business elsewhere, saving me a lot of unnecessary grief, aggravation and down time that owners experiences when their car is stolen." – Bill Abbatematteo, retired Police Captain, North Providence, Rhode Island Police Department

"Dear Ravelco: You can do what you want with this letter and use it as you wish but I have to let you know just how great your Ravelco theft system actually is. This past March, we purchased a 2006 Ford Super Duty Diesel F-350 4X4 (cost more than our first home). We needed something fairly powerful to pull our travel trailer. We live in a fairly safe community but now being retired we travel all over the country sometimes into Canada and Mexico. Of course we stay at many overnight camper/trailer facilities. Now here's the good part . . . the first night we parked, we met some neighbors in the space next to us. They were admiring the seats in our truck (King Ranch Edition) and asked if we had an anti theft device to prevent our truck from being stolen? I spoke up and said, we have everything you can get on a vehicle plus the factory security system. I told them that our salesman said that was all we needed to protect our truck. Our new neighbors said what they thought they had on their truck was also fool proof until they lost everything including their travel trailer, which sadly was their home at the time. I followed them to their truck and they showed me what they had now installed to prevent that from ever happening again. Behold - our first introduction to the RAVELCO!  That night after thinking about what happened to them really started bothering me so the very next morning we asked where they had it installed and they said in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Being in Texas at the time we were not going to Cape Cod to get one installed. So I called the number for Ravelco on the window sticker off their truck and was told that we could get a Ravelco where we were in Texas! I had it installed at a place nearby in Brownsville. They were very nice and did a neat installation. The next day we left Brownsville and headed west towards El Paso. We stopped in Laredo, parked our truck and trailer right on a busy main street and walked over into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to shop. Upon our return three hours later we found the door handle (plastic) pried open and the steering column wrecked. All the lights on the dash were on and there was a screw driver in the place where we would normally put the key.  BUT - MOST IMPORTANT OUR TRUCK & TRAILER WERE STILL THERE!!!!!! I showed the police officer the Ravelco plug, he recognized it - plugged it in - turned the screwdriver and started our vehicle. We were so happy that this little Ravelco Plug saved our truck, our trailer and all our possessions. They did steal an empty cooler and some sunglasses that were on our front seat! Even though your Ravelco product saved us from this ordeal, it is a shame that you can't feel comfortable having something nice in this world today, it makes you not even want to travel anymore. THANK YOU -THANK YOU-THANK YOU! - Rita D, St. Louis, Missouri 

"Approximately 4 months ago, we contacted your company and purchased only 4 of your Ravelco Anti Theft Systems for our KENWORTH trucks. When they arrived the owner looked at them and said for us to install and test them on the older trucks only, because to be honest with you they didn’t look like much in the box. Boy, were we surprised!, after following your installation instructions our own shop mechanic couldn’t start the KENWORTH truck. When our owner saw this, we immediately ordered 54 more Ravelcos. I know this letter is short and sweet but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping our trucks safe and to give us the comfort of knowing our trucks will be there exactly where we parked them."- Tommy C., Kansas City, Missouri